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Changing a Meeting

David: Hello, David Hopkins speaking.

Mike: Hello, this is Mike in sales. Could I speak to Frank please?
David: I'm afraid he's not available at the moment. Would you like to leave a message?

Mike: I'm calling to put off a meeting we had scheduled for this afternoon.
David: Just a moment, let me take this down. Could I have your name again?

Mike: Certainly, it's Mike Andersen.
David: Oh, hello Mr. Andersen. This is David Hopkins, we went through next months' shipping orders together last week.

Mike: Oh, yes. I remember. How are you doing?
David: Fine thank you. Now, you'd like to push back this afternoon's meeting.

Mike: Yes, if you could ask Frank to give me a call so we can work out another time.
David: OK. That's fine. Is there anything else I can pass on?

Mike: Well, if you could bring up the upcoming deadline we need to meet.
David: Certainly, I'll make sure he gets the message. Does he have your extension?

Mike: He should, but I'll give it to you just in case - it's 3478
David: 3478 right. I'll have him get back to you as soon as he gets in. Oh, I see Frank is in his office now, shall I put you through?

Mike: Thanks - and thanks for your help.