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Dialogue: The Meeting

The Meeting

(Two workers in an office)

James: Hi Alice. How are you today?
Alice: Hi James. I'm fine, and you?

James: Great, thank you. Remember, the meeting is at 3 o'clock.
Alice: Excuse me, which meeting?

James: Which meeting?! The meeting with the boss!
Alice: Are you sure there is a meeting today?

James: Alice, Alice, every month there is a meeting with the boss. This month that meeting is this afternoon.
Alice: Calm down. OK, there's a meeting this afternoon. What time is it?

James: Alice, this is important. The meeting is at three o'clock sharp!
Alice: Thank you James... By the way, what time is it now?

James: It's quarter past eleven.
Alice: It's time for lunch!

James: Lunch, now? Lunch time is at twelve.
Alice: Well, I'm hungry now.

James: You're funny Alice. This is an office.
Alice: I'm hungry ... it's just a snack ...

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By Kenneth Beare, Guide