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Reading Comprehension - Tourist Industry: Accomodations

Valley View Camping Ground

Many seasoned tourists find they don't like staying in hotels, and that they prefer to avoid large cities. Does this description fit you? If the answer is yes, The Mountain View Camping Ground is for you. Our camping grounds overlook the spectacular Hampson Valley. We rent tents, bungalows and roulettes. If DIY yourself is your style bring your own tents or roulettes. All guests enjoy access to cooking facilities, bathrooms with bathing facilities, and a playground for the children.

Our panoramic setting offers a wide variety of recreation activities as well as inspiring views of the mountains. Chisom, a quaint summer-resort village, is just 10 minutes by car. Take advantage of the many entertainment, shopping and relaxation opportunities including fitness centers, laundry/valet services, solariums and much more. Have lunch in one of the many restaurants and savor the tasty local cuisine.

Mountain View Camping Ground offers fun, relaxation and opportunities for all types of outdoor activities. Call us today to find out how we can make your next holiday perfect.

Key Vocabulary

bathing facilities - a place to take a shower or a bath and wash
bungalow - a small, detached type of accommodation
camping grounds - area where people can use their tents, roulettes, etc. to camp
cuisine - style of cooking
DIY - do it yourself
fitness centers - a place to get in shape
laundry/valet - a shop which will clean your clothes
playground - a place where children can play
quaint - charming
recreation - free time activity
roulette - a camper
seasoned tourist - a tourist who has traveled a lot
tasty - very good food
tent - a portable enclosure made of cloth in which people can sleep
to avoid - to try to not do something
to fit someone - to be appropriate for someone
to overlook - to have a view of
to savor - to enjoy greatly

By Kenneth Beare, Guide