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Drugs today

Need advice on drugs? Real answers to drug addiction and dependency. We will listen and care. Email counsel available. Find a way out of addiction that really works!

Drugs are probably the fastest growing trade, except maybe the internet! It is a billion-dollar industry.

In most countries, there is drug-related crime. People on drugs will steal, sell their bodies, kill, do anything, to find money for their habit.


Do you have a big problem with drugs? Or you may feel that you only use them sometimes, and that you are in control. But where are they taking you?

More information on today's drugs - Teen Challenge explain in detail the drugs available today.

Escaping drugs

Thousands of people have escaped from drugs. How? By finding something in their lives more powerful.

"I had no more desire for drugs again"

"When I was at college, I started taking drugs, mainly cannabis. Although I usually enjoyed the feeling it gave, I soon realised that drugs could not really satisfy me. I still had an emptiness in my life and was looking for something more.

It was at this time, I met someone who showed me a new way. He told me how God could change my life. I asked God to forgive me, and help me, and then I knew I had found what I was looking for. I had no more desire for drugs again. It is only Jesus that can fully satisfy us."


For those who are occasional users, they found something which is better. For those who have a big drug habit, they find a power to escape. For them, it may not be easy. But many have found that God is the only answer, and the only way to escape many years of addiction.