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The Nurse and the Wolf

in Fables

Image "Be quiet now," said an old Nurse to a child sitting on her lap.  "If you make that noise again I will throw you to the Wolf." Now it chanced that a Wolf was passing close under the window as this was said.  So he crouched down by the side of the house and waited.  "I am in good luck to-day," thought he.  "It is sure to cry soon, and a daintier morsel I haven't had for many a long day."

The Serpent and the Eagle

in Fables

ImageAn Eagle swooped down upon a Serpent and seized it in his talons with the intention of carrying it off and devouring it. But the Serpent was too quick for him and had its coils round him in a moment; and then there ensued a life-and-death struggle between the two.

The Thief and the Innkeeper

in Fables

ImageA THIEF hired a room in a tavern and stayed a while in the hope of stealing something which should enable him to pay his reckoning.  When he had waited some days in vain, he saw theInnkeeper dressed in a new and handsome coat and sitting before his door.

The Shepherd's Boy and the Wolf

in Fables

ImageA SHEPHERD-BOY, who watched a flock of sheep near a village, brought out the villagers three or four times by crying out, "Wolf! Wolf!"  and when his neighbors came to help him, laughed at them for their pains.  The Wolf, however, did truly come at last.

The Vixen and the Lioness

in Fables

ImageA Vixen who was taking her babies out for an airing one balmy morning, came across a Lioness, with her cub in arms. "Why such airs, haughty dame, over one solitary cub?" sneered the Vixen.