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Flash Fables 3


The readers often think most of the wolves always are very fierce and bad. In the story “The Wolf and the Sheep,” the readers will see that. This story tells you about a beautiful friendship between sheep and a dog. But the wolf wants to kill the sheep. So, what would the wolf do to achieve his purpose? And many many other good stories in this collection.

Enjoy them for pleasure!



Flash Fables 2

ImageAs you know, human beings always has friendship, faithfulness and love but how about the animals? You will feel them in the story “Three Butterflies” or a helpful animal in “The Monkey and the Dolphin.” and so on. Now, only 1 click to watch all.


The Woodman and the Serpent

 The Woodman and the SerpentOne wintry day a Woodman was tramping home from his work when he saw something black lying on the snow.  When he came closer he saw it was a Serpent to all appearance dead.


Flash Fables 1


ImageHave you ever wondered the animals which have any wishes? And how will they do so that their wishes come true or the animals which are intelligent or not. This collection will tell you at all. Don’t wait but go ahead to enjoy them now!



The Vixen and the Lioness

ImageA Vixen who was taking her babies out for an airing one balmy morning, came across a Lioness, with her cub in arms. "Why such airs, haughty dame, over one solitary cub?" sneered the Vixen.