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GRE - Sentence Completion - Test 11

Choose the word or set of words that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

1. Federal data show that the number of citizens receiving welfare __________ again last year even though an economic slowdown pushed more people into __________.

A. rescinded - beggary
B. reduced - affluence
C. jumped - subservience
D. tripled - pauperism
E. declined - poverty

2. The joint government web site was specially created to educate small firms __________ their wage and __________ reporting responsibilities.

A. about - tax
B. on - refund
C. concerning - salary
D. apropos - earnings
E. in - income

3. Verton executives challenged the web site tactic, ___________ that if customers switched, the ___________ would lose revenues and the very jobs the union was trying to protect.

A. arguing - company
B. argued - firm
C. proclaiming - employee
D. stated - worker
E. questioning - staff member

4. Virginia has not taken any comprehensive ___________ on transportation funding since ___________ the sales tax a half-cent in 1986.

A. heart - increasing
B. modification - adjusting
C. shape - moving
D. action - raising
E. amendment - heaving

5. Many athletes and celebrities demand payment for their signatures, and people are ___________ up to pay the price.

A. lining
B. folding
C. taking
D. cracking
E. giving

6. After Borden received ___________ in 1856 for producing concentrated milk in a vacuum, condensed milk became an important part of the dairy ___________.

A. an award - subject
B. a copyright - field
C. a document - trade
D. a patent - industry
E. power of attorney - business

7. Some agencies offer financing ___________ for developers to encourage the building of ___________ housing.

A. incentives - rental
B. perks - semi-permanent
C. bonuses - viable
D. encouragement - marketable
E. raises - salable

8. Some residents claim that the timing of the strike was inappropriate, considering the ___________ economy.

A. flourishing
B. harmonizing
C. shivering
D. questionable
E. illiterate

9. When George Wilson graduated from high school, his parents, both of ___________ were hearing impaired and on disability, could provide ___________ financial help toward college.

A. whom - no
B. they - none
C. who - little
D. them - scarce
E. parent - nary

10. Despite the hours many children spend watching television, the report found that reading ___________ to be a regular part of many children's lives.

A. ceases
B. stops
C. continues
D. fails
E. neglects