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GRE - Sentence Completion - Test 15

Choose the word or set of words that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

1. The term conservationist had been defined by some as a person who believes that the natural world is endlessly __________ and beautiful, and therefore as much of it as possible should be __________.

A. irrational - preserved
B. abhorrent - salvaged
C. fascinating - saved
D. exhilarative - promoted
E. appealing - distinguished

2. The country is a regional __________, an absolute but highly dynamic monarchy that has created an economic __________ out of little more than vision, geography and will.

A. anomaly - powerhouse
B. synchronicity - giant
C. incongruity - dwarf
D. paradox - dependency
E. discrepancy - power

3. Airspan Airline's long and __________ search for a partner finally __________ last week when the bankrupt Dutch airline agreed to merge with Airlex .

A. arduous - ended
B. extended - concluded
C. joyous - consigned
D. fortuitous - stopped
E. laborious - proceeded

4. Savvy leaders know that there is no single map for __________ leadership; the rules change depending on whom you are guiding and the __________ around you.

A. altruistic - contradictions
B. effective - conditions
C. successful - natives
D. abysmal - situation
E. topical - criteria

5. Founded in 1976, the Benjamin Franklin Literary & Medical Society has become a leading ___________ of information on health and medicine for the general ___________.

A. source - public
B. well - citizenry
C. scourge - populous
D. font - community
E. resource - civilians

6. ___________ in the University's Research Park , the Patton Center is the catalyst that brings together the people and ideas necessary for ___________ successful enterprises.

A. Found - beginning
B. Stationed - setting
C. Lying - inaugurating
D. Facing - fixating
E. Located - launching

7. Every healthy body at rest ___________ a certain amount of energy just keeping the organs functioning and blood ___________.

A. expends - circulating
B. puts off - clotting
C. using - pushing
D. burning - flow
E. endeavors - mingling

8. Businessmen and investors may be ___________ a little easier now that the initial fears ___________ by the elections of leftist presidents in neighboring countries have been muffled.

A. living - released
B. working - tipped off
C. breathing - unleashed
D. thinking - forestalled
E. pondering - untapped

9. First hired in 1972 as ___________ staff writer for The Examiner, Frank Gordon has since fashioned a career in journalism ___________ over three decades.

A. a budding - taking
B. a novice - reeling
C. an introductory - sponging
D. an eager - spanning
E. a top - straddling

10. Researchers say it will be several years before computer programs will accurately ___________ fire behavior the way television weathermen tell viewers where a hurricane or a ___________ is heading.

A. precede - rainfall
B. predict - cloud
C. prepare - shower
D. forecast - blizzard
E. forbear - tornado