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GRE - Sentence Completion - Test 16

Choose the word or set of words that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

1. The Anasazi , a civilization that arose as early as 1500 BC, occupied the region now __________ as the Four Corners, where Utah Colorado , Arizona and New Mexico meet, for centuries.

A. invoked
B. known
C. labeled
D. denoted
E. assumed

2. When mortals died, whether noble or __________, they joined Re on his nocturnal journey through the underworld; __________ at dawn immortal, if all went well.

A. ordinary - occurred
B. common - emerging
C. maudlin - appeared
D. impoverished - woke
E. domestic - summoned

3. __________ to the "science" of phrenology, an individual's character and abilities could be deduced from the size and __________ of various bumps on the head.

A. Corresponding - tension
B. Based - texture
C. Supposing - hardness
D. According - shape
E. Configured - form

4. As a politician's wife, Carole Samuels became active in her own ___________, attending chamber of commerce breakfasts and historical society meetings, and ___________ in the Gardener's Club.

A. way - convened
B. time - convening
C. self - ran
D. right - running
E. identity - chaired

5. When deep-sea explorers ___________ the Baltic Sea floor located a Swedish spy plane shot down by the Russians more than 50 years ago this June, they ended one of the more ___________ mysteries of the Cold War.

A. dredging - flimsy
B. combing - enduring
C. cruising - unforeseen
D. skimming - unreceptive
E. searching - personified

6. Discovered by two paleontology students in clay pits near Peterborough , the ___________ is the largest known fish ever ___________.

A. fossil - recorded
B. remnant - devoured
C. visage - monitored
D. vestige - summoned
E. pebble - careened

7. He went over all his expenditures and ___________ for the preceding year and a half, and was shocked by what he ___________.

A. income - found
B. disbursements - discovered
C. expenses - uncovered
D. salaries - related
E. tolls - manifested

8. Michael grew up under difficult circumstances in the San Fernando Valley , where he battled family ___________ from ___________ age.

A. connections - a small
B. embattlements - a little
C. kinships - a young
D. issues - every
E. problems - an early

9. Short, broad grandmothers, speaking only Zapotec , the indigenous ___________ of the region, dutifully grind corn for tortillas and march their pigs to market.

A. dialogue
B. language
C. vernacular
D. jargon
E. clauses

10. Supporters of helmet laws say the government should punish states that do not require helmets, since the public often ___________ up paying medical costs for those ___________ in motorcycle accidents.

A. take - involved
B. winds - tangled
C. give - drawn
D. lend - wounded
E. ends - injured