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GRE - Sentence Completion - Test 17

Choose the word or set of words that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

1. Originally, the project was planned to take at least 15 years, but effective resource and technological advances have ______________ the team's progress.

A. energized
B. postponed
C. accelerated
D. deferred
E. reduced

2. The ___________ of tap dance can be traced to the antebellum South when African- American slaves, adept at copying Irish jigs and Lancashire clogging, improvised and embellished those dances with their own ___________ and movements.

A. origins - rhythms
B. account - feelings
C. birth - apathy
D. version - awareness
E. chronicle - combo

3. While supporting publicly funded health care, Dr. Roberts, president of the National Orthopedic Association, hopes the case ___________ much needed debate.

A. makes
B. quells
C. stirs
D. agitates
E. represses

4. While smoking has declined steadily in Canada since 1965, the ___________ has not held true for girls and younger ___________.

A. inclination - people
B. tendency - children
C. slope - folk
D. trend - women
E. grade - teenagers

5. Medical Update, a monthly newsletter that reports on epidemiological surveys and other ___________ of the society, is ___________ by this division.

A. doings - disordered
B. episodes - put out
C. bouts - disseminated
D. activities - published
E. segments - assembled

6. Outside the courtroom, the lanky ___________ told TV cameras he now hoped to get a job as a computer security ___________ or programmer.

A. gentleman - personnel
B. teenager - consultant
C. chap - resource
D. constituent - competitor
E. adolescent - player

7. Arguing that the roots of many of the region's problems are more political and institutional than economic, the lecturer claimed that the government will now stress the need to ___________ corruption and ___________ bureaucracy.

A. arm - unwieldy
B. forego - international
C. attack - exceptional
D. defuse - permissive
E. tackle - inefficient

8. Projects ___________ by management students include a recent communication analysis and team development project conducted by a postgraduate ___________.

A. serviced - pupil
B. organized - student
C. steered - professor
D. accomplished - teacher
E. sentenced - fellow

9. Never before in ___________ history have monetary and fiscal policies been as motivating as today, and yet, the American economy remains weak and vulnerable.

A. today's
B. yesteryear's
C. yesterday's
D. recent
E. topical

10. While the couple tries to find bargain-basement prices on all their ___________, they do not ___________ on quality.

A. purchases - stint
B. inceptions - squelch
C. acquisitions -squint
D. abstentions - squander
E. accumulations - tender