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GRE - Sentence Completion - Test 18

Choose the word or set of words that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

1. As the last __________ slice of Atlantic coastal plain bordering the continent's vast equatorial rain forests, the region, known as the Gamba Complex, is a biologically __________ mosaic of forests, savannas, lagoons, lakes and beaches that, until recently, was virtually unknown to science.

A. underdeveloped - luxuriant
B. uncharted - broken
C. examined - plentiful
D. undeveloped - rich
E. explored - abounding

2. __________ temporary power lines and data cables, huddled around laptops and editing equipment, journalists and technicians were __________ out news to many outposts.

A. Among - burning
B. Although - turning
C. Using - tossing
D. Despite - writing
E. Amid - churning

3. More than 80 schools have been __________, with similar rehabilitation works in progress or in the final stages of __________.

A. achieved - configuration
B. jointed - formulation
C. ended - sponsorship
D. finished - reproduction
E. completed - planning

4. The proposed random testing plan has brought a debate to Virginia that was already __________ in national political __________ .

A. intense - opinions
B. flouncing - rings
C. floundering - groups
D. talking - parties
E. raging - circles

5. Miller unveiled his __________ research plan to the committee last Tuesday; he expects to have a final plan ready for a __________ by January.

A. preliminary - vote
B. luminous - printing
C. concluding - decision
D. definitive - judgment
E. ultimate -verdict

6. ___________ an increase in attacks on the existing technology, Netfix said that it would release features across its line of network firewall products.

A. Mentioning -
B. Talking -
C. Combining -
D. Citing -
E. Toting -

7. Euthanasia, the act of humanely ___________ animals that are hopelessly sick or ___________, is a controversial topic.

A. maiming - hurt
B. executing - wounding
C. slaughtering - wounded
D. killing - injured
E. assassinating - injuring

8. Today Calder is the youngest by nearly two generations at the veteran's hospital, where he ___________ therapy and ___________.

A. undergoes - rehabilitation
B. has - restoration
C. does - healing
D. suffers - analysis
E. experiences - treatment

9. An extensive archaeological excavation has ___________ a lost city that is believed to be one of the ___________ jewels in the ancient civilization of the Maya.

A. unearthed - crowning
B. buried - shining
C. uncovered - glowing
D. bared - crowned
E. obscured - buffed The best answer is . Excavations remove objects from the earth therefore, unearthed is an appropriate choice. Crowning jewels is idiomatic. Though the economy ___________ through a recession in 2001, super-low interest rates have ___________ demand for mortgages, which has encouraged a boom in mortgage refinancing. A. battled - incited B. conceded - impelled C. suffered - fueled D. slogged - driven E. smudged - posited

10. To accompany the book, Freeman ___________ has a new ___________ of digital photographs spanning 30 years.

A. as well - rehearsal
B. also - exhibition
C. additionally -
D. too - revision
E. besides - showing