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GRE - Sentence Completion - Test 19

Choose the word or set of words that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

1. James Colin has ___________ his sound on numerous occasions throughout his career -- all the while ___________ a contemporary tone.

A. retuned - preserving
B. revamped - maintaining
C. evolved - upholding
D. fabricated - sustaining
E. metamorphosed - composing

2. The credibility of The Evening Guardian has made it a valuable ___________ for reaching medical consumers and for helping medical researchers obtain family ___________.

A. means - histories
B. viaduct - records
C. tool - kinship
D. transducer - past
E. affiliate - associations

3. As recently as the 1980s, production far outstripped ___________, and the government was paying dairy farmers $1 billion to thin their herds while it bought tons of ___________ cheese.

A. supply - extra
B. planning - unwanted
C. demand - surplus
D. quota - surreptitious
E. billing - supercilious

4. Today, as in the ___________, whether for chefs ___________ their restaurants with fresh produce, or customers interested in homemade cakes and preserves, farmers' markets promise not only freshness but sociability.

A. country - stocking
B. past - supplying
C. secret - hoarding
D. history - supplied
E. east - collecting

5. Diego silenced the ___________ and turned her passion for scrapbooks into a successful retail and ___________ business.

A. devotees - public
B. enthusiasts - marketable
C. detractors - economic
D. concordances - profitable
E. skeptics - wholesale

6. ___________ in the history of this great country have there been more annoying commercials on the public ___________.

A. Once - systems
B. Ever - channels
C. Sometimes - broadcasts
D. Never - airwaves
E. Always - television

7. What was a ruthlessly effective way of enhancing their electoral fortunes has developed into a compulsion never to allow any leader much of a chance to ___________.

A. persist
B. impeach
C. command
D. impersonate
E. direct

8. blank are feasible, a blizzard is more similar to hurricane than some of the other choices, and therefore is better. Low short-term borrowing costs may give consumers and businesses an ___________ to spend and invest more and ___________ boost economic growth.

A. enticement - thusly
B. stimulant - nevertheless
C. incentive - thus
D. inducement - consecutively
E. supplement - therefore

9. The company's plan is to ___________ costs while trying to exploit its traditional strengths in entertainment and video games - particularly with new networked and wireless consumer ___________.

A. trim - devices
B. skimp - gadgets
C. clip - contraptions
D. shape - implements
E. wedge - widgets

10. Under the emerging plan, the cuts would not take ___________ if hospitals agreed to provide the data that the administration has requested.

A. shape
B. in
C. place
D. over
E. time