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GRE - Sentence Completion - Test 21

Choose the word or set of words that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

1. There is growing ___________ that a child's earliest experiences have a more ___________ and long-lasting effect on subsequent health than had been previously thought.

A. testimony - significant
B. thought - transitory
C. spurt - obsequious
D. reflection - peaceable
E. evidence - powerful

2. Following years of generous stock options, corporate jets and other ___________, boards are ___________ their belts when it comes to executive pay.

A. perks -
B. liabilities -
C. benefits - tightening
D. encumbrances -
E. prosperity -

3. The federal and provincial governments launched the National Children's Agenda six years ago to work ___________ eliminating child poverty, yet progress is ___________.

A. with - exclusive
B. on - indefinable
C. about - ethereal
D. toward - elusive
E. near - intangible

4. Change is particularly difficult for some animals, especially ___________ who have been used to the same daily ___________ for a long time.

A. them - grind
B. those - routine
C. these - habit
D. critters - habitat
E. whomever - habitation

5. According to Charles Darwin's theory of natural selection, an animal's success in the gene ___________ is measured by the number of offspring it ___________ raises to pass on its DN

A. A. source - substantially
B. swamp - joyfully
C. pool - successfully
D. base - productively
E. chromosome - verdantly

6. Statistically, the 3,300 responses ___________ the opinions (accurate to plus or minus two percent) of the 154 million American adults who have traveled over the ___________ three years.

A. face - last
B. focus - first
C. preclude - coming
D. represent - past
E. repress - forthcoming

7. Many of these prizes are ___________ at the Faculty of Business presentation ceremony ___________ is held in June for the preceding academic year.

A. designated -who
B. relegated - that
C. awarded - which
D. stultified - in which
E. given - where

8. The most successful remodeling projects begin with homeowners ___________ have a imaginative, yet ___________, idea of what they want done.

A. that - sensational
B. where - pragmatic
C. which - inspired
D. whom - dazzling
E. who - realistic

9. Despite Bettleman's pleadings and progress at the bargaining ___________, key issues remained ___________.

A. block - unhampered
B. discussion - unsolved
C. board - hampered
D. table - unresolved
E. chair - reprimanded

10. Swift Airlines pilots have approved a measure allowing their union, the Air Line Pilots Association, to call a ___________ at one of the nation's largest regional carriers in a ___________ over a new contract.

A. truce - disagreement
B. ceasefire - disparity
C. strike - dispute
D. party - prong
E. bash - gap