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GRE - Sentence Completion - Test 22

Choose the word or set of words that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

1. Rugby is still largely an __________ sport in Georgia , but in its traditional __________ of England , France , New Zealand , Australia and South Africa it has, since turning professional in 1995, become a multi-billion-dollar industry.

A. voluntary - home
B. master - vicinity
C. impermeable -
D. failed - locality
E. amateur - bastions

2. A week-long investigation began yesterday in Florida , with __________ speculation on the cause of the crash centering on damage to the plane's right wing.

A. final
B. momentary
C. initial
D. middling
E. definitive

3. Started in 1993 by the Cultural Council to ___________ the city's downtown neighborhoods, the festival ___________ artists and acrobats, magicians and stilt walkers from as far away as Spain and China .

A. indicate - promotes
B. celebrate - showcases
C. substantiate - singles out
D. commemorate - exonerates
E. honor - exemplifies

4. Mardex recently launched a line of broadband home networking products, ___________ wireless base stations and a five-port hub, ___________ targeting the home and home business.

A. enclosing - each
B. including - both
C. attaching - none
D. containing - all
E. enfolding - some

5. Ranchers have long despised prairie dogs, believing (___________, according to some new research) that they deprive cattle of ___________.

A. erroneously - forage
B. incredulously - space
C. frantically - greens
D. abstrusely - graze
E. utterly - food

6. Some economists are predicting that demand will catch up with productivity shortly, ___________ an enormous boom in job growth.

A. making
B. shooting
C. spurring
D. spinning
E. goading

7. Throughout the downturn of the past few years, economists and analysts have trumpeted our historic increases in productivity as the one ___________ in an otherwise dreary economic ___________.

A. upturn - neighborhood
B. indication - surrounding
C. positive - environment
D. advisory - background
E. allocation - milieu

8. The recent arrest has ___________ concern about a government push against powerful business barons before the ___________ elections.

A. hurdled - forthcoming
B. marked - approaching
C. initiated - short
D. sparked - upcoming
E. kindled - near

9. The government will also now start the legal process of lifting the monopoly ___________ by Telecon , the state carrier.

A. endured
B. pressed upon
C. enjoyed
D. confounded
E. supplied

10. The Calverts were a young New England couple looking for an inexpensive way to ___________ a small vacation cottage in Massachusetts when they first began purchasing country ___________ and folk art in the 1920s.

A. decorate - samples
B. endow - relics
C. conjure - baubles
D. furnish - antiques
E. bequeath - trinkets