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GRE - Sentence Completion - Test 25

Choose the word or set of words that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

1. Those __________ ancestors doubtless found sticks helpful for pointing out a direction, tracing a diagram in the dirt or __________ up a slab of useful flint.

A. decrepit - fixing
B. faulty - picking
C. distant - prying
D. olden - raise
E. aged - keeping

2. Despite __________ printed in newspapers and broadcast over the internet and on television, Americans __________ to lose millions to internet con artists.

A. predictions - persevere
B. warnings -. continue
C. encouragement - proceed
D. cautions - persist
E. signals - incur

3. Georgia 's teachers received the third largest salary hike in the country last year but still did not move up in national __________.

A. competition
B. readings
C. ranting
D. ratings
E. rankings

4. Scanners have long been neglected by the designers of the PC world ? __________ boxes that take up far too __________ space on the desktop.

A. sleek - many
B. ornamental - little
C. clumsy - few
D. clunky - much
E. blusterous - numerous

5. Most easily measured ___________ gains come from increasing the capital stock and improving the efficiency with which the capital stock is used.

A. lucrative -
B. lachrymose -
C. economic -
D. correctional -
E. gainful -

6. Seth Walters has ___________ more than four decades in commercial banking, ___________ from a bank messenger to president and CEO of the Merchant's Bank.

A. caroled - upping
B. resided - increasing
C. loafed - raising
D. spent - rising
E. squandered - starting

7. Prosecutors have ___________ a wealth of circumstantial evidence linking the six ___________ to the deadly bombing.

A. collected - detectives
B. amassed - suspects
C. accumulated - suspicions
D. assembled - executors
E. engineered - perpetrators

8. It was thought that if the corpse did not have ___________ care, the former pharaoh would not be able to ___________ out his new duties as king of the dead.

A. careful - fold
B. secret - address
C. deciduous - situate
D. proper - carry
E. learned - marry

9. Traffic safety experts said that national driver education standards should be ___________ so teenagers everywhere receive ___________ training before hitting the road on their own.

A. decanted - coercive
B. adapted - obliging
C. adopted - uniform
D. excepted - comprehensive
E. incepted - insipid

10. Left-leaning politicians from around the world worked on a ___________ against the spread of ___________ capitalism.

A. tallying - rampant
B. denigration - unrestrained
C. aeration - raging
D. declaration - unfettered
E. proclamation - epidermal