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Practicing sports is definitely good for health, and I guess nobody can deny that; however, how much time we should spend on doing it is what the topic concerns. Everything has a limit, and once you have passed that limit, even the good can turn to the bad. What I am trying to present here is that practicing sports is good to a certain extent, but it does not mean all to a person`s life. Therefore, in my point of view, that some young children spend a great amount of their time practicing sports has more disadvantages than advantages. Exceptions are made to those young professional players because sports are their career and in some sense are what they live for. Although I think my avocation applies to most people, it is unfair to take a glance on both sides of the story.  

People support the idea that young children should spend a great amount of their time practicing sports point out that because children do not have many responsibilities, they should have their joyful childhoods by playing a lot. This may sound all right, but not quite. As the most important period of a person`s life, the childhood of a person can determine how this person`s latter life will be; so, it should not be filled only with playing sports, but with learning knowledge as well. Thus, if a child spend too much time on doing sports, he or she will eventually get more relaxed and become sick of study.  

There is an advantage for my adverse side, which is, as I said at the beginning, doing sports can improve body strength, and specially good for children. However, this can also be a hidden trouble for children who practice a lot. The reason is that sports often bring harms to people`s bodies, and if the person is at his or her early age, it is even worse. For instance, some people have lost their arms or legs because of sports when they were young, and have to live and bear with it for the rest of their lives. I know that some people may contradict this opinion by saying that you can get hurt anyway without practicing sports. I do not disagree with the statement, but if you think it more carefully, you will notice that spending a greater amount of time doing sports will surely increase the percentage of getting injured.  

By understanding all the above, we can finally draw the conclusion that some young children spend a great amount of their time practicing sports has more negative effects than positive ones. Again, I did not against the idea of doing sports, but the appropriate amount is what I am concerning here.


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