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Playing game plays a significant role in people`s daily life. You can always see children playing soccer or basketball in park and adult enjoy themselves with bridge in the club. Game may become more and more complex as we grow up, but our enjoyment has never changed. It give us lots fun, meanwhile teach us about life.  

First of all, playing games teaches us about the strategies which we can apply in real life. In fact, most games` original ideas come from real life, for instance, Chess imitate the battles between two countries. During playing the game, we need to analyze what situation we face, evaluate our assets, guess what our rivals would do in next steps and make the better choice from several possibilities. In real life, when we meet a challenge, we usually analysis the situation and estimate ourselves ability and decide what to do next.  

Playing games also teaches us how to deal with other people. We learn about teamwork during the game, if the game has teams like soccer, basketball. nobody can win the game by himself even though he is strong, and runs fast. Everybody should communicate will with co-players. Also, in real life, no one can survive without other people`s help and cooperation, a man who gets along with co-workers is likely to be success.  

Meanwhile, playing game also teach us focus our mind and energy to reach the goal and separate the difficult problem into several relatively smaller and easier tasks and then solve one by one. Last but not the least, playing game teaches us adjust our plan when situation changes. Finding a good job is always not easy, especially during an economic downturn, as we are currently experiencing. At this moment, we may go to school to procure a higher degree instead of job hunting.  

In conclusion, playing games cannot only relieve stress and give us lot fun, but also teach us about life.


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