BT Arise II - шаблон joomla Продвижение

Preposition: Behind

1. Behind means in the rear of.
The trash can is behind the chair.
My friend sits behind me in class.

2. Behind can mean less advanced than.
Miss Thompson's class is studying lesson three; the other classes are studying
Lesson four. Miss Thompson's class is behind the other classes.

3. Behind can mean left in the past.
He is rich now; all his financial problems are behind him.

4. Behind can mean late.                


    1. behind schedule—later than usual
    The train is behind schedule.                          

    2. behind in payments—late in making a regular payment
    She is always behind in her rent payments.                            

5. Behind can mean encouraging or supporting.            

Pattern: noun + behind + noun
The successful man had an ambitious woman behind him.
Those candidates have a lot of money behind them.
There must be a greedy person behind this scheme.

Typical nouns after behind:
a person or people
idea, plan, plot, project, scheme

6. Expressions                       

behind the scenes—not seen
The lawyer knew all the facts about the case; he had a lot of help behind the scenes.             

behind the times—old-fashioned
Her dad still uses a typewriter; he is really behind the times.