BT Arise II - шаблон joomla Продвижение

Preposition: Beneath

1. Beneath means under and concealed by.

My glasses were beneath the newspaper.
The daffodils sprouted beneath the snow.

2. Beneath can mean less worthy than.
Now that she is rich and famous, she thinks her family is beneath her. 

3. Beneath can mean unlikely, because of goodness or pride.                                                                                                   

Pattern 1: it + be + beneath + noun of person + infinitive
She was a little wild, but it was beneath her to commit a crime.

Typical verbs after beneath:
break the law, commit adultery, commit a crime, commit perjury, gossip, lie, murder, steal   

Pattern 2: noun/gerund form of verb + be + beneath + person
She was a little wild, but committing a crime was beneath her.

Typical nouns before be beneath:
adultery, breaking the law, committing a crime, forgery, lying, murder, stealing