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Preposition: Between

1. Between indicates separation of two things.      

Pattern: noun + between + noun
My neighbor and I built a fence between our backyards.

2. Between can show connection of two places.
Route 395 goes between New York and Washington.

3. Between can indicate a choice of.                 

Pattern: verb + between + noun + and + noun
You can have only one dessert, so please decide between cake and ice cream.

Verbs often used before between:
choose, decide, judge, pick, select      

4. Between means not lower or higher in number.
We have saved between three and four thousand dollars.
It is hot today. It must be between eighty and eighty-five degrees.

 5. Between means from a time to another time.

She will be away all weekend, so don't call her between Friday night and Monday morning.  

6. Between can mean shared by.
We are on a diet, so we will have one piece of cake between us.
They only had five dollars between them.

7. Between can mean together.
The newlyweds painted their new house between them.

8. Expressions                       

between you and me—confidentially
I don't like to spread gossip, but between you and me, they got married last week.                

in between (adverb)—between, but not followed by an object.
He isn't old or young; he is in between.