BT Arise II - шаблон joomla Продвижение

Preposition: Beyond

1. Beyond means on the other side of.
Our street is beyond the traffic light.
If you are traveling west, New Mexico is beyond Texas.

2. Beyond means past the limits of.                 

Pattern 1: be + beyond + noun
The sick child was beyond help.
That situation is beyond my understanding.

beyond one—not understandable by someone
This puzzle is beyond me.
That technical article was beyond him.

Pattern 2: be + adjective + beyond + noun
The palace was beautiful beyond description.

Nouns commonly used after beyond:
belief, comprehension, help, salvation, saving, understanding, one's wildest dreams            

3. Beyond can mean later than.                   

Pattern: beyond + noun
The guests were having so much fun that they stayed well beyond midnight. In this town nothing is open beyond ten o'clock.

4. Expressions                       

beyond the pale—totally unacceptable
His rude jokes at that formal reception were beyond the pale.             

the great beyond (adverb)—heaven
She said there would be perfect peace in the great beyond.