BT Arise II - шаблон joomla Продвижение

Preposition: Under

1. Under means in a lower position than something else.
Pattern 1: verb + under + noun
We sat under the tree and had a picnic.
Pattern 2:
verb + noun + under + noun
Let's put the desk under the window; then wel'll have a great view.

2. Under means covered by something else; underneath.

Pattern 1: verb + under + noun
The children hid under the table, thinking we couldn't see them.

Typical verbs before under:

be, hide, lie, rest, sit, sleep, stand, wait, walk  

Pattern 2: verb + noun + under + noun
She stores all her boxes under the bed.

Typical verbs:
bury, find, hide, place, push, put, store, wear              

3. Under means less than.                       

Pattern: under + noun
I'm sure she was driving under the speed limit.
He has three children under age ten.

Nouns commonly used after under:
any number, age, average, height, limit, maximum, minimum, norm weight               

to be under age—to not be old enough to do something
She can't vote because she is under age.                                

 4. Under can indicate control.            

 Pattern 1: under + noun
Under this boss we have little freedom to express our own ideas.
You have a lot more benefits under the new insurance policy.

Typical nouns used after under:
boss, coach, contract, dictator, doctor, general, king, mayor, policy, principal, president, professor, supervisor, teacher

 Pattern 2: under + the + noun + of + noun
She is under the care of a doctor.

Typical nouns after under the:

administration, care, control, dictatorship, direction, eye, management, presidency               

Pattern 3: under + ø + noun
The children are under supervision at all times.
They were arrested under orders of the chief.

 Typical nouns:
control, orders, supervision, surveillance      

 5. Under can indicate a current situation or state:                     

Pattern 1: be + under + ø noun
Those two thugs are under investigation by the police.
That problem is still under discussion by the board.

 Typical nouns used after under:
consideration, construction, discussion, investigation, suspicion                  

Pattern 2: be + under + noun
They are under the influence of their new friends.

Typical nouns used after under:
circumstances, conditions, impression, influence                  

 6. Under can identify the category of a noun in written reference material.                                                                                 

 Pattern: look up/find + noun + under + name of category
You can find my name under ''Y" in the telephone book.
I looked up butterflies under "Insects" in my encyclopedia.