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Why are people living longer?

According to annual census in countries around the globe, it is no doubt that people are living longer now except for underdeveloped countries. The main reasons accounting for this phenomenon, in my opinion, are medicine, high living standard and humanitarianism.  

With the development of medical technology, more and more diseases have come out with new solutions. Besides, many experiments which are study on human issues are conducted by academic institutes. News about healthy issues released on television programs or through the Internet. People are become aware of whether they are in good shape or not.  

On the other hand, people earn so much money that they have spare money to pay attention to other aspects than meeting their basic needs such as eating, sleeping. Recreations like sports or sightseeing enable them to make sound minds and keep them in good moods. In this fashion, people are for sure to live longer. Last but not least, almost every country have taken measures to ensure the welfare of the elder. Older people are took care by their government so they may live a well life which extend their life spans. 

In conclusion, high development means more convenient life which turn out to be longevity. The persons in charge with the government should focus on the living qualities of people, especially the elder. On the country, people also have a sense to live enjoyable life. All these factors contribute to the longer life span.