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What would a new comer like and dislike about your town?

Recently one of my friends will move to Shanghai from New Zealand and she asked me which aspects she might not adapt in Shanghai. I think that it is as follows: 

Firstly, she may think that the air pollution is very severe in Shanghai. As everyone knows that New Zealand is a developed country known for its beautiful natural environment. There are fewer industry plants in New Zealand than in Shanghai. So New Zealand is a very clean and beautiful country, just like a garden. However, in Shanghai the air pollution is still out of control. When you come back home from your company every day, you will find that your shoes are covered with dusts. 

What is more, my friend may find that the streets in Shanghai is very crowded with traffic. The population of Shanghai is 13 million, which is much more than that of New Zealand. She might find uncomfortable traveling in the streets of Shanghai During rush hours. 

Finally, I think that she may complain about some other small things about Shanghai. For example suppose she walks on the pavement and will find that there are too many bicycles parked on it which block the sidewalk. Sometimes she has to walk on the street. I think having lived in New Zealand for a long time, these small things in Shanghai may bewilder her. 

In a word, I think that my friend will dislike the air pollution, crowded transportation and other aspects of Shanghai. As a Shanghaiese, I think we all should try our best to make Shanghai a better place to live in the future.