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Should a new shopping center be built in your neighborhood?

I certainly support that a large shopping center be built in my neighborhood because it will bring us a lot of convenience. It will certainly beautify our neighborhood. And it will also increase our employment opportunities.  

If there is a large shopping center nearby, I am sure that almost all of my neighbors will be happy. At present, when I buy groceries I need to drive my car to the superstore and other stores for over 10 kilometers and spend almost one hour to fill my refrigerator every three days. It is really a chore to me. If there is a shopping center just a stone`s throw, I can go there on foot. Then I do not need to drive my car to buy a lot of groceries at a time; moreover, I can save gas and time. When I walk there, it just like that I am taking exercise. I will feel very good to go shopping.  

My region will be more beautiful because of this center. The large shopping center will be a beautiful building because the owner of the building will make it gorgeous by every possible way to attract customers. No one would like shopping a dirty, ugly store and the owner of the large shopping center certainly knows it. When the customers walk around, the beauty of the building and upholstery appeals to them; therefore, they will walk slower and buy more stuff.  

The large shopping center will certainly need a lot of staff to work for them. It will increase the employment opportunities of the nearby people. I am sure that there are more advantages which I have not mentioned about establishing a large shopping center in my neighborhood. So, I will welcome it in an enthusiastic way and I will persuade my neighbors to support my opinion also. Then the large shopping center will have a good business because there are so many nearby patrons already.