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Does human harmed the Earth or make it a better place to live?

People have been living on the Earth for thousands of years. Human activity influences the Earth. Some people believe that the Earth is being harmed by human activity. Others feel that human activity makes the Earth a better place to live. In my opinion, the earth is being damaged by human activity. There are many statements supporting my opinion. 

Human activity has damaged natural environment and almost exhausted natural resources. Modern industries need more and more resources, including minerals, fuels and water. So we are facing the serious problems such as the lack of fuels and water. Ecological balance is being damaged because factories occupy many places where animals and plants live. More and more buildings are constructed and forests are becoming less and less. If we cannot recognize these problems and solve them soon, we would finally lose the environment suitable for us to live in. 

Another serious problem is "the greenhouse effect." Human activities decrease forests and increase the usage of fuels so that carbon dioxide is being output more and more and there are not enough plants to absorb it. The greenhouse effect is more obvious in recent years. Due to the effect, icebergs in the South and North Pole is melting and the ocean level becomes higher than before. I am worried about the cities nearby the oceans and hope scientists can find an effective method to eliminate the greenhouse effect.

Although we have advanced machines and our life seems to be more comfortable than before, we have less chances to approach the nature and limited space to live in. The cities are becoming bigger and bigger. If we want to have a picnic with our friends, we have to drive a long distance to find an open space. In fact, the skyscrapers and factories are damaging the spaces for human activities. 

From the above statements, we can conclude that human activities bring the Earth many damages. Fortunately people have recognized the problem and I believe that the Earth will become a better place to live with our ceaseless efforts to protect the environment.