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Should we save land for endangered animals?

In the present time, many species of animals are in danger because they are harmed by human such as destroy the forest, hunting them for fun or as sports. There are some groups or people acting to protect those endangered animals by asking for some preserved land for those poor animals. In contrast, there are some people arguing that lands which are used for human purposes like farmland, housing and industry, are more effective. In my opinion, there should be some spaces allocated for harmed animals. I will discuss all the reasons in the paragraphs below.  

Back to basic, all lives in this universal are equal. I think every body does agree with this sentence. There is not only human`s right, but also the animal`s right. They all have rights to live in this world the same as human does. I think we should respect every single life in this world.  

To harm or threaten those animals is to harm ourselves. There are a lot of food chains in this world. Those animal as well as human are in those food chains. Little or more, we hurt ourselves, our children and children`s children by destroying those animals, getting the land to serve our needs and neglect to care for endangered animals. 

Another reason, the best place for animal to live is the forest. We save the animal and save lands for them thus finally we can save the forest. In the forest, we cannot refuse that there is amount of natural resource, for example mineral, woods, rare plants which are the resource of the whole world. In addition, the forest can keep the land`s moisture which provides us a water to drink, water to plant the vegetable and even the power from water in damps.  

In conclusion, I would like to say that I really agree to keep or preserve some lands for the endangered animals because of all the reasons I explained above.