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Why are people attracted to a dangerous sport?

Have you experienced the fear of bungee jumping? Have you ever enjoyed the excitement of car racing? Nowadays, many people are attracted to such dangerous activities, especially the young people. Wondering why? The reasons responsible for it are the lifestyle of those people.  

While the world is becoming more competitive, the task on each person`s shoulder is getting heavier. People`s activities everyday are very intense. They would be fiercer after days of hard work. Therefore, everyone wants a release. The best way to relax and get relieved is to do the things that the person has not ever tried, such as adventure before. While he is doing something dangerous, he must be concentrated on it, and he cannot think about anything else. Hence the person relieves all the pressure and the troubles he had in daily work.  

In addition, to take risks and try out new things is one of human being`s basic instincts. People always like to do something new, especially something in trend. According to some statistics, the dangerous activities are extremely popular among young people. If a boy does not try thee game, people will think that he is a coward and afraid of doing it. Consequently, it is reasonable for some people to show their courage by putting themselves in danger.  

Based on getting relieved and showing modern, some people are attracted to dangerous sports or other dangerous activities. However, I do not like those activities. Also, I believe that people are attracted in it for a whim. After realizing countless disadvantages of them, people will reconsider about them.