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Travel with a companion vs. travel alone

With the development of economy and the living standard being raised immensely, more and more people can afford to travel to different places in their vacation, expecting to see more of the world and meanwhile have a relaxation after a period of hard work. And generally, people prefer to travel with a companion, believing it would be more fun. Whereas other people choose to travel alone, maintaining that it offers more freedom and fewer restraints. According to my personality and fondness, I would certainly choose to travel with a companion. Numerous reasons can be cited, and I would in here explain a few most important ones.

The first and foremost reason is safety. I believe it would be safer to travel with a companion than without. On the long journey of traveling, no one can foresee what would occur. It is not unusual to be encountered with some emergent happenings. For example, you may come down with a sudden illness, like sunstroke, or diarrhea. On such occasions, it would be disastrous if you do not have someone around to take care of you when you are far out in a remote place. What`s more, what if you are unlucky to meet some ill-intentioned guys?  

Secondly, as traveling is an activity from which you expect to get fun and during which you hope to learn more about the world, and it would impossible to do so if you travel alone. For example, when you come to a spectacular place and its natural beauty tremendously amazes you and you strongly feel liking sharing your feelings with someone, but there is no one around, then how would you feel? I am sure you could not fully appreciate the beautiful scenery. Moreover, it would surely add richness to your journey if you and your companion discuss about and comment on what you see and what you hear on the way. The above discussion is far from an exhaustive one, but we can clearly see the advantages of traveling with a companion. So I would choose to travel with a companion without hesitation.