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Getting up early vs. staying up late

Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. Nothing is more precious than time. Of course, if we did not need to sleep, it would be better because we can have more time to do something but it is almost impossible. Sleeping is integral part for us. Therefore, we need to make and find time effectively so that we can have more time. As a result, getting up later makes me have several advantages.  

The first reason why I prefer to get up later is that I prefer to go to bed late. Since I am a university student, I need to study. I usually choose night time to study because I can concentrate my attention on working at night more than in the morning or evening. Night is good time for me to study because of the atmosphere. It is so quiet that I study hard without being annoyed surround noise.  

The second reason I prefer to get up later is that there is more things to do in the afternoon and night. Even if I wake up early, what can I do? I may take a walk, read a newspaper, watch TV while I am drinking coffee. I can do all of them in the afternoon and night, too. I can read a newspaper at night. I can drink coffee at night. However, can you drink in the morning? Can you play with your friends excitedly in the mooring? People usually more excited at night. You can do anything at night you can do in the morning but the reverse is difficult.  

Finally, I must go to school on weekday. Therefore, I must wake up early even though I am sleepy. Even though I go to bed earlier, I will wake up the same time when I go to bed later. As a result, I can have more time.  

Going to bed later and getting up early or at least at noon is most effective way we can use time well and enjoy ourselves.