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Important qualities of a good son or daughter

Every child is different. However this difference comes from the family, environment in the house and the way one was raised. A son or daughter is considered good if she is respectful, successful at school, and tries to do everything possible to not let the family down.  

Respect, in my opinion, is the most important criteria for a child. If children respect their parents they are never going to argue with them; parents` advice and opinion will be valuable. For example, in my family my sister and I will never disrespect our parents. Moreover, a respectful child will always take care of his mom and dad.   Both academic and athletic achievements at school are important for a child. Every parent would love to see their offspring`s success, and it is delightful for them to hear from teachers how smart and grateful their child is. My dad always asks me about my school. If I brought him good news he would be very happy and that night we might go out somewhere, but if my marks were not so great, which is rare, my father would not even talk to me.  

Finally, if a son or daughter is good she will not disappoint her parents. In my opinion, the worst thing that parents might know about their kid is that he does drugs; and if it happens parents become terrified and worried for teenager`s health and future. You can also make your parents worry by not coming home on time, having a friend with criminal record, and by not communicating with the family.  

Shortly, a child should love and respect his parents, try his best at school, and never make his family worry. This is the only way you can make your parents be proud of you.