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A new university in the community

The issue of building a new university in my community deserves careful consideration because it is such a complex one. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages of establishing a new university, especially, in my community. Personally, I support this plan because the advantages of this idea are far more than its disadvantages.  

In the one hand, there is only one disadvantage of this plan. It goes without saying that a new university can receive thousands of students in its campus. Moreover, many businessmen would set new stores surround the school, without question, it definitely attracts more people come to here to buy things. Finally, during the rush hour, the traffic situation in community would become very serious.  

In the other hand, there are more advantages of this plan. The first advantage is that a new university would bring a lot of work opportunities to local residents. Businessmen prefer setting stores nearby the school because students are their main targets. Absolutely, these stores need to hire many local people to work for them. The second advantage is that a new university in my community can greatly reduce the educational problem of local students. My living place is a small town, therefore, many students should go to other big cities which far from my community to attend university. Needless to say, students always spend a lot of time on commuting. Therefore, it is impossible to overestimate the importance of establishing a university in my community.  

That is not to say, of course, that other points of view are completely without merit. However, I believe that the advantages I have provided in favor of my point of view are stronger.