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Flash Fairy tales

Flash Fairy Tales 3

ImageDo you often read the word phrases, “once upon a time”, or “long long ago”, or “a long time ago…” in the fairy tales stories? In this collection of the fairy tales stories which will tell you about a romantic love between a beautiful girl with a handsome beast or an adventurous and strong man, Robinson, on a distant island and so on. Let’s enjoy them now!

Flash Fairy Tales 2


This collection of fairy tales stories consists of 6 stories: Beans Talk, Cold Planet, Kindness and Evil, Monster Shopping Trip, Old Man Who Did No Wrong, and Lonely King. They are very very interesting. Enjoy them for pleasure!


Flash Fairy Tales 4

Flash Fairy Tales Stories 4

What would you do if you had three wishes? And do you know what the children would do with three wishes in the story “Three Wishes.” Or have you ever read the story “Cinderella.” What did she do after her mother died and how did she live in the same house with her bad stepmother? Now, only 1 click to watch all.


Flash Fairy Tales 1

Flash Fairy Tales Stories 1Have you ever read a story which tells you about a little girl with a little red riding hood and how does she do to escape from the fierce wolf? Or a man who is very strong, handsome and adventurous with his interesting and exciting adventures and so on. Now, only 1 click to watch all.


Flash Fairy Tales 5


Do you know where the Lantern Festilval comes from? And when does it often happen every year? In this story “Lantern Festival” which will give you some information about this festival. Or in the story “An Honest Boy,” you will meet a little boy who lived in a poor family. One day, he met a good king who presented him a box of candies but in the box, there was a golden ring. What would he have done with it? Whether he got it and his family would become very rich or returned it to the good king? Watch all right away!