British and American

differences in spelling, sounds, grammar etc.

American vs British English- Basic Differences and Influences of Change

ImageAmerican English has grown steadily in international significance since World War II, parallel to the growth of U.S. political, economic, technological and cultural influence worldwide. American English is currently the dominant influence on "world English" (cf. British English) largely due to the following:

  1. Population: U.S. vs U.K. (SAE/SBE ca 70% vs 17% of all native English)
  2. Wealth of the U.S. economy vs. the U.K., & influences
  3. Magnitude of higher education in America vs the U.K.
  4. Magnitude of the publishing industry in America
  5. Magnitude of global mass media and media technology influence
  6. Appeal of American popular culture on language and habits

International political and economic position of the U.S. (cf. Kennedy)

Differences between British English and American English?

ImageThere are many English words which are different to American words.
For example:

  • A lorry is a truck.
  • A lift is an elevator.
  • A fortnight is two weeks.
  • A chemist is a person who works in a drugstore.
  • A dual carriageway is a divided highway.

Lisa and Sofia Efthymiou, an American mum and daughter, have listed below a few of the differences between British and American words.