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Problems of life

Is there an answer to the problems of life?

Facing fear, worry & anxiety


Facing fear, worry & anxiety. Surviving the pressure of being anxious and insecure. Advice to bring you comfort and strength to cope. Email advice available.

"I, a stranger and afraid

In a world I never made."

A. E. Housman

In a difficult world, fear and worry are two of our biggest problems. You are not alone. Many of us share them.

Committing suicide- Killing oneself

ImageWherever you are, whatever the problem, you're not alone. Email, phone support and help for suicide, depression, and other problems are right here. Worldwide list of Befriender and Samaritan telephone help lines. There IS hope and a way out of despair and feeling suicidal!

Sexual Worries

Getting sex into balance with the rest of our lives. New ways of understanding our sexuality, sexual nature & drive. Advice & help on sex & sexual problems.

Number one obsession?

A visitor to this world from another planet, would not take long to realise that we are totally obsessed (taken up) by sex. Magazines, adverts, TV, films, video, the internet, books.



Are you lonely? Ways to escape isolation, loneliness, and rejection. How to find happiness, friendship and meaningful relationships. Email advice and counsel available.

"Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty."

Mother Teresa

Loneliness is a very powerful emotion. It can lead to depression, illness, even suicide. Although it may often hit the old, sick or handicapped people, it is very common among young people too. Why? Read how Denise escaped loneliness on this page.

Handling Stress


Ways to handle stress in your life. Real answers to problem of tension, stress & pressure of stressful living today. Techniques to beat hassle! Email advice available